60 Charts!! HUGE Halloween Pack Cross Stitch Patterns


60 Charts!! HUGE Halloween Pack Cross Stitch Patterns


Hold onto your broomstick – Halloween is almost here!

Get this Pack and get 60 of our Halloween patterns!! Check out the 3 images to get a great overview of each chart.

So, I put together a humongous 60 of our Halloween cross stitch charts all for one super duper low price and in one easy instant download pack.

With each of the 60 cross stitch charts you will receive two PDFs. One will be the chart in color blocks. The other PDF will be the chart in Color Symbols. You will have both to choose which one you like best.

All of these charts will fit in standard 7" hoops. These are also formatted as standard 8 x 11 printer paper so they are easy to print over and over. Print them and give one to your friend. We wont care 🙂

I tried to design each of these charts in a way that they are great for beginners but also look super cute for the more advanced. Basically, I designed them so everyone will love them.

I also, try to make sure they don't use crazy amounts of floss.

Skip the trick and come get your treat! Buy this pack and you will be glad ya did.

Any questions send me a message. I'd be glad to answer....


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